By Pawan Kaushik | February 17, 2016

The Moon signifies our subconscious mind, behavior, feelings, frame of mind, intuition, thought-process and aspirations. A Pearl, or Moti, is the Jyotish stone that is used to enhance the powers of the Moon. It nullifies the damaging effects of the Moon and helps maintain peace and harmony within. It also boosts the mental stamina and gradually helps get rid of depression. Besides this, Moon is also a true symbol of tenderness and beauty. A positive moon in one’s horoscope implies attractive features, tender mind and charming appearance.

By Pawan Kaushik | February 17, 2016

Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj, is the stone for the Guru planet, Jupiter. Jupiter, known as the ‘Guru’ of Gods, is the largest planet of our solar system and indicates wisdom and philosophy. As the name suggests, if benefice, this planet can greatly result in sincere guidance from Guru or teachers

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