Gemstone Purification

How should I purify and wear a Gemstone

A Gemstone must be worn only after it has been properly purified. Every gem must be purified only after it has been set in a ring. Also, the day of wearing must be chosen after careful analysis of the planetary transits and Dasha periods in one's Horoscope.
The gemstone ring's purification is done on the evening before the day of wearing of the gemstone ring. For purifying a gemstone the following procedure must be adopted:

1. Take a ceramic or glass container. Avoid using metal containers. The container should be big enough to contain the ring but not too big. A tea cup made of ceramic is the ideal size and type of such a container.

2. Pour two spoons each of Honey, Milk and Pure water in this container. The Hindus can use Ganga Jal in place of the usual water. Mix these three liquids well to make an even solution.

These three liquids are the purest form of natural liquids. They help in cleansing the gem and the ring from all the negative energies which they might have attracted during the process of the gem mining/cutting and the ring making.

3. Dip the gemstone ring in this solution. Cover the container with a lid or a small saucer. Keep this container in a safe and clean place. Mostly people prefer to keep it in the place of worship in their homes. Keep it there overnight.

Now, the gem wearing process:

1. The next morning, on the scheduled day for wearing the gemstone ring, wake up before sunrise. You must note down the local sunrise time in your city beforehand by checking the weather section of local newspapers or through websites on internet.

2. Take bath before Sunrise and place a cotton mat or a folded cotton sheet on the floor facing East direction. Sit on this \'Asana\' and keep the container with ring, a glass of water and an empty bowl before you. Also, keep a kerchief or a towel with you.

3. Just after the Sunrise begin to chant the mantra associated with the gem which you are wearing. Chant it 108 times. You can use a 108 bead rosary or mala for chanting.

4. After you have finished the chant take the ring out of the solution and wash it clean using the water in the glass and the empty bowl. Then, wipe it dry using the towel and wear it.

This process of purification must be done once a year to keep the gem energized. Otherwise, it will keep on collecting negative energy from you and your surroundings and its potency will get reduced with every passing year. This is the reason why people who wear Gems get good results initially but then observe a reduction in its benefits over time.


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