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Emerald (Panna)

Emerald (Panna)

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EMERALD is the Gemstone associated to ‘BUDHA’, the planet MERCURY. As per Indian astrology, BUDHA is the son of MOON (CHANDRA) and is the smallest planet in the solar system.

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Emerald Gemstone:-

  • The Emerald Gemstones is considered to be one of the most precious of all gemstones. An Emerald Gemstone is usually graded visually – its colour should be a dark green that has yellow and blue as secondary colours, and it should be pleasant (and not warm) to the touch. It's common for Emeralds to be cracked, so a good eye and a sensitive touch can detect if it's flawless or not. Emeralds Gemstone may be treated with oil to enhance their transparency and excellence.
  • As most Gemologists only know too well, the perfect Emerald Stone is a very rare occurrence. 
  • In Hindu mythology, the healing properties of the Emerald Gemstone are associated with the planet Mercury. It's tied to the Zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo – and people belonging to these sun signs are said to benefit the most from this beautiful Gemstone.
  • Mercury is the planet, which directly affects the trade business. So it is always recommend wearing an EMERALD especially to the businessmen in the field of ARGUMENTATIVE BUSINESS, DEMOCRATIC DEALING, ASTROLOGY, WRITING SKILLS, EDITING, PUBLISHING, ACTING, SCULPTURE BUSINESS, SPORTSMEN, ENGINEERING, ACCOUNTANCY, ART, POSTAL SERVICES and INSURANCE etc.

Effects & Benefits of Emerald Gemstone:-

  • The Emerald Gemstones is related to the heart chakra (Anahata). It's related to the powerful sphere of love, compassion, well-being and caring.
  • Emeralds are supposed to increase spiritual energies and calm down the disturbed mind.
  • The stone is also considered very auspicious for newly married couples.
  • The gemstone helps in increasing concentration, reducing depression, and reducing problems of the bowel, stomach and rheumatism in elderly people.
  • Sportsmen and creative people (writers, painters, and sculptors) can also especially benefit from this stone.
  • In terms of healing properties for medical science, the stone especially benefits the digestive and nervous systems.
  • It leads to universal and personal bliss and reduces mental conflicts.
  • Emeralds Gems can be just bought and worn; every gemstone has a unique requirement to fulfil for its wearer.
  • A gemologist or Chakra expert should be contacted for the best way to use your Emerald.
  • Emeralds might routinely carry negative energies, and an emerald ring can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight.
  • Colour               :-      Green
  • Mounted           :-      Unmounted
  • Weight               :-      04.92 cts
  • Measurement   :-      12.64*08.28*05.29
  • Cut                    :-      Octagonal Step Mixed
  • Magnification    :-      Phase Inclusions, Needless Inclusions. 
  • Optic. Ch         :-      DR-Uniaxial
  • Fluo                  :-      Inert
  • R.I.                   :-      1.582-1.590 
  • Treatments      :-      Not Specified

Things you should check before buying a real Emerald stone:-

  • Holes, impurities or cracks on the surface of Stone.
  • Transparency and lustre.
  • A good Emerald Gemstones will have a clear reflection, and won't be dull.

Did you buy a real Emerald Gemstones?

  • The shade of green that a real emerald displays is very unique.
  • It can be checked visually by a gemologist. 
  • An authentic Emerald Gemstones will produce a cool touch. It will seem pleasant to the skin.

Properties of Emerald Gemstone:-

  • Planet                                             :-          Mercury (Budha)
  • Indian Name                                :-          Panna 
  • Cosmic Color                                 :-          Green
  • Chakra                                             :-          Anahata (the heart chakra)
  • Vedic Mantra of MERCURY       :-         “AUM BOOM BUDHAYE NAMAH”
  • Tantrik Mantra of MERCURY    :-        “AUM BRAM BREEM BRAUM SAH BUDHAYE NAMAH”
  • No. Of repetitions of Mantra     :-         108 times before wearing an EMERALD (PANNA).

How to care for your Emerald Gemstones:-

Even though natural Emeralds Stones are hard and abrasive, impacts on the stone should be avoided. The stone should never be steam-cleaned, and a soft, slightly wet brush should be used to clean an Emerald Gemstone whenever necessary.

  • Bhasm :-  Apaamaarg Bhasm
  • Day for wearing :-  Wednesday
  • Time for wearing :-  Sunrise

Source of Availability:-

Zambian and Colombian Emeralds Stone are the most prized specimens around the world. However, India, Pakistan, Brazil and Afganistan are also known for their Emeralds. As it is, Emeralds are routinely found and discovered all over the world.

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