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Diamond (Heera) Ring

Diamond (Heera) Ring

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Diamond (Heera) is the stone of planet Venus, “SHUKRA”. According to Hindu Shastras, SHUKRA is the son of “MAHARISHI BHRAGU”. Venus, (SHUKRA) is the master of demons, so is known as “DATYAGURU” as well. Venus is the most shining and beautiful planet in the solar system.

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The Emperor of Gemstones – is also the purest derivative in mineralogy. Unlike other minerals and gemstones, which are complex carbon-silicates with metal impurities, diamond is simply a carbon allotrope. It's interesting that the same element that creates coal and graphite also creates diamond – with just a re-arrangement of the atoms. Diamond is the hardest known mineral, and one of the purest conductors of heat and electricity of any known material.
A properly cut diamond has a high refractive index with which it achieves a brilliant dispersion of light on its surface.

Effects and Benefits of the Diamond:-

  • Artists, doctors, traders and businessmen have been found to benefit the most from wearing this gemstone. 
  • This brilliant gemstone improves physical and mental health, prevents sexual diseases, increases stamina and helps in improving the wearer's marital life.
  • Venus guides the wearer of the diamond. This planet holds prime importance in both modern science and mythological tradition. It's revered by practitioners of music, arts and culture – and the good alignment of this planet is supposed to relieve the wearer of his/her personal and mental demons. 
  • Diamond (Heera) has the divine power to overcome the “BHOOT-PRET BADHA”, the devil obstacles.
  • A native born with the sign Taurus and Libra should always wear a Diamond.
  • If someone is going under with the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus (Shukra), he/she must wear a diamond.
  • Description                    :-      585 KT Hallmark Ring Containing Natural Diamond
  • Gross Weight                :-      05.671 gm
  • Diamond Weight         :-      01.01 Cts
  • Shape of Diamonds     :-      Round Brilliant
  • Color  Range                   :-      H
  • Clarity Range                  :-       VVS
  • Finishing                          :-       Very Good 

Properties of Diamond:-

  • Planet                                                :-                        Venus (Shukra)
  • Indian Name                                  :-                        Heera
  • Cosmic Color                                  :-                        White
  • Chakra                                              :-                        Hrit Padma Chakra
  • Vedic Mantra of VENUS              :-                        "Om Shum Shukraye Namah"
  • Tantrik Mantra of VENUS          :-                        "Om Dram Dreem Draum Seh Shukraye Namah"
  • No. of repetitions of Mantra    :-                       108 times before wearing a Diamond.

The two best checks of a diamond are its high thermal conductivity and its extreme hardness. No other mineral other than real diamond itself can scratch an authentic diamond. They also have a fairly high refractive index.

Care for your Diamond:-

Your diamond might routinely carry negative energies, and the stone or ring can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight.

Source of Availability:-

Brazil, South Africa and other African countries like Botswana and Angola are the biggest producers in the world today.

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Price Rs 195,000.00


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