Pearl (Moti)

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl (Moti)

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Pearl or Moti is the stone for Moon. In Astrology, moon has similar signification as of heart. Pearl is used to remove the ill-effects of Moon. Pearl gives calm and vibrant feeling. It improves memory as well as the confidence for the interaction with people. This gemstone cures all the diseases arising out of the heart and helps in splitting negative energy and emotions. Pearl increases inner beauty, facial lustre and charm. It creates mental balance, tranquillity and calmness as well as enhances the power of love to ensure a blessed marital life. It is in white colour with a streak of oceanic blue. Wearing a pearl protects a person from diseases of lungs and stomach, water-borne diseases, emotional problems, and impulsive decisions.

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Pearl (Moti):-

A pearl (Moti) Gemstone is a solid object composed of calcium carbonate which is secreted by an oyster after it encounters an irritant. However, Natural Pearls Gemstones, though rarely found, are considered the most flawless of pearls.Natural pearls Gemstones are especially found in the Indian Ocean, and are also known as Basra pearl.                                                               Pearl (Moti) is the Gemstone associated to “Chandra”, the planet MOON and the MOON is known as the Second Supreme power in the astrology. According to “Padmapurana”, Chandra is the son of “MAHARISHI ATRI”. His mother is “ANNUSUYA”. It is a very fast planet. It takes the least of the time to transits in the 12 houses of the horoscope, so is the planet, which influences our daily life in a great deal. It's tied to the Zodiac sign Cancer, and to the Swathisthana chakra.                                                                                                                                                                              There are many kinds of pearls, and south sea pearls and basra pearls are considered the best and the largest the world over. White, yellow and golden south sea pearls are the eternal favourite, and can be worn with a variety of jewellery, rings and stones. Wholesale production and marketing of south sea pearls is a near-Chinese venture today, though other countries have also taken it up.

“AtharvVeda” Says,

“A pearl has all the divine powers to remove any kind of hurdles out of the life.” And a pearl harmonize the effects of MOON”.

Effects & Benefits of Pearl:-

  • Wearing a PEARL can enhance the power of memory.
  • Wearing a PEARL can minimize the negative results of the bad KARMAS of the native. It opens the luck.
  • If worn by a woman as an ornament, increases her beauty.
  • PEARL helps in curing sexual disorder ness of women. So it is highly recommended for the women to always wear a PEARL in any form.
  • PEARL enhances the power of relationship between husband and wife and lovers as well.
  • The MOON is the planet, which effects native’s mother in every manner and every field of his life.
  • PEARL works as a great tool against anger, hypertension and sorrow. It brings in the peace of mind and harmony in the life.
  • Wearing a PEARL enhances the opportunities in the business of liquid products like, MILK, GHEE, BUTTER etc. It also helps in growing the business of Serials, Export-Import, Harvesting, Agriculture, Salt, Medicines, White products and Traveling etc.
  • Wear a PEARL for a happy, successful, comfortable and peaceful life.
  • Colour                :-      White
  • Mounted            :-      Unmounted
  • Weight                :-     06.25 cts
  • Measurement   :-      09.88*09.80*09.23
  • Cut                       :-      Round
  • Magnification    :-      Bead Nucleus, Orient Effect.
  • Optic. Ch.          :-      AGG.
  • Fluo                :-      Greenish-Blue
  • R.I                       :-      1.53 (Spot, Cbnt.Blink)
  • Treatments         :-       Not Specified       

Properties of Pearl:-

  • Planet                                            :-        Moon
  • Indian Name                                 :-       Moti 
  • Hardness                                      :-        Around 3 on Mohs scale 
  • Element                                         :-        Water 
  • Cosmic Color                               :-        Orange
  • Chakra                                           :-        Swathisthana chakra
  • Vedic Mantra of MOON              :-        “AUM SOM SOMAYE NAMAH”
  • Tantrik Mantra of MOON            :-       “AUM SHRAAN SHREEN SHRAUN SAH SOMAYE NAMAH”
  • No. Of Repetitions of Mantra     :-       108 times before wearing a PEARL (MOTI).

How to Identify a Natural Pearl:-

  • Moonlike iridescence.
  • Spherical shape
  • Rainbow-like lustre, near-perfect reflection.
  • Coherent and flawless texture without dents or scratches.
  • A relatively high specific gravity.

Take Care of Your Pearl:-

  • After you buy a pearl stone, you must remember that the pearl is a soft, easily eroded gemstone that is highly sensitive to chemicals– especially 'cleaning' agents like ammonia and vinegar.
  • A pearl is basically calcium carbonate– so acidic solutions should never be used to clean it. 
  • The best way to keep it from wearing is an occasional wipe with a slightly wet, soft piece of cloth.

Sources of Availability:-

Pearl gemstones are found in Sri Lanka, Bay of Bengal,Australia, and Japan.

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