Ruby (Manik)

Ruby (Manik)

Ruby (Manik)

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Ruby (Manik) is the stone associated to “SURYA”, the planet SUN and the SUN is the supreme power of the SOLAR SYSTEM. In astrology as well, SUN is always on top in every manner.

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Ruby (Manik) Gemstones:-

Ruby, the gem of Sun, gives all round success in the life. It improves the leadership qualities and puts a person at the forefront. Since centuries, it was worn by battlefield commanders to protect themselves from the enemy. It improves intellectual capabilities and concentration. Therefore, it is used to drive away various stress related problems like insomnia, hysteria etc. It is the stone of love, which surrounds the user with an aura of beauty. Ruby is generally available in dark red, and glows like morning sun. Wearing a Ruby protects a person from afflictions of Sun, heart weakness, headaches, general ill health, eye troubles, blood pressure etc.
                                               Ruby Gemstones (Manik) is a naturally occurring Gemstone, which is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). In terms of chemistry, Manik Gemstone is a mixture of Aluminum, Oxygen, Iron and Chromium.The presence of chromium in the Ruby Stones structure gives its natural color ranging from pink to blood red. It is one of the four precious stones, leading to its increasing cost in the current market. The costs of Ruby Gemstones are primarily determined by color, the most expensive "red" being pigeon blood red. After color, the price matrix follows the cut and carat to determine the exact price.

Effects & Benefits of Ruby Gemstone:-

  • Ruby Gemstones represents the planet Sun, therefore people with strong sun can wear Ruby Gems.
  • The best Ruby Gemstone are known to generate liveliness and bring spark in the human nature.
  • It takes away sadness and gloom from an individual's character. It is believed that gemstone Ruby Gems is effective in safeguarding a person from evil spirits, along with enhancing his/her financial stability.
  • Ruby Gems also is believed to bring the blessings of son in people's life.
  • It promotes a sense of self-dignity and removes depression.
  • Wearing the Gems Ruby, there comes prosperity and improves health for the native. 
  • The Ruby Gemstones representing the sun, has reddish purple colour, its nature is bile-dominated and it is the Lord of the direction East.
  • It is a Important stone for Engineers, Mineralogists, Goldsmiths (Jewellers), Actors, Dramatists, Artists, Government officials, Politicians, Diplomats, Merchants and Aspirant to fame, Stock brokers, Dealers of cloth, Cotton paper and flowers.
  • Creative people looking for fame and good health are also suggested to wear Ruby Gemstones.
  • Ruby Stones is a protective stone that offers preserved health and invulnerability to the wearer. 
  • One of the major perceived medical benefits is that Ruby Gemstones improves blood circulation in an individual.
  • It also helps in developing soul force of a person.
  • Ruby Gemstones is designated as the King of gemstones due to its association with sun. Original Ruby stones are known to inspire creativity, wisdom and love, and bring forth spirituality and confidence.

  • Weight                    :-      04.50 cts
  • Colour                     :-      Pinkish-Red
  • Mounted                 :-      Unmounted
  • Cut                          :-      Cushion Mixed
  • Dimension               :-      12.82*08.98*03.78
  • Optic Character       :-       DR-Uniaxial
  • Refractive Index      :-       1.762-1.771
  • Specific Gravity      :-       4
  • Fluorescence          :-       Red
  • Magnification          :-       Fingerprints Inclusions.
  • Treatments             :-       Not Specified

Properties of Ruby Gemstone:-

  • Indian Name   :-        Manik
  • Planet                :-        Sun
  • Chakra               :-        Manipura
  • Cosmic Color   :-        Yellow

Care for your Ruby Gemstone:-

  • Ruby Stones can be cleaned using hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly afterwards as detergents can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions.
  • Avoid enzyme cleaners. 
  • Brush with an old toothbrush to remove dirt and grease. 
  • Avoid cleaning agents containing chlorine as they may have a detrimental effect. 

How to wear Ruby Gemstone:- 

  • Manek Gemstone should either be set in gold or bronze to provide its goodness.
  • It should be washed with fresh milk in the morning and then while chanting the mantra it should be worn.
  • Please consult for the correct finger to wear the ring or correct hand for bracelet.

Source of Availability:-

Ruby Gemstones is found in Burma, Madagascar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kabul (Afghanistan), Tanganyika, China and South India.

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