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Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj)

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In India, Yellow Sapphire is known as Pukhraj or Called pushparaga in Sanskrit, the colour of the best yellow sapphire Gemstones has been considered to be the perfect amalgam of the yellow of a sunset evening and the blue tinge of a lotus flower. Yellow sapphire is a mineral. After analyzing chemically it is proved that aluminium, hydrovisil and florin are present in it. It is found in the Himalayas, Ceylon and Russia.

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Yellow Sapphire Gemstones:-

A Yellow Sapphire Gemstones is a naturally occurring Gemstone, consisting basically of corundum (aluminium oxide), and tinged with slight traces of iron – the metal which leads to its beautiful yellow hue. It is found in the Himalayas, Ceylon and Russia. It is weighty, smooth, transparent, and found in many colours - white, light and deep yellow and light orange.
                                  A yellow sapphire has considerable sparkle and might display different colours when viewed from different angles. Sapphires can be heat treated, diffused with beryllium or irradiated to preserve and enhance their yellow brilliance – but the naturally occurring sapphires are still the most valued.
                                  In India, Yellow Sapphire is known as Pukhraj or Called pushparaga in Sanskrit, the colour of the best yellow sapphire Gemstones has been considered to be the perfect amalgam of the yellow of a sunset evening and the blue tinge of a lotus flower.
                                  One of the largest yellow Sapphires Gems ever found weighed nearly 2020 carats, and was called the Tomahawk Tiger. It was stolen and found nearly six years later!.

Significance of the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:-

The yellow sapphire Stones is connected to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is associated with virtues of luck and prosperity. The biggest benefit of Jupiter is to propel a person towards happiness and fulfillment, and thus the right use of the yellow sapphire Gemstones can benefit the same. As Jupiter is rightly called Guru (teacher) in Hindu mythology, one can especially bring himself/herself fortune in the fields of teaching, professorship, law, trade, business etc.

The Results Obtained are as follows:-

  • Weight                           :-            06.95 cts
  • Colour                            :-             Yellow
  • Mounted/Unmounted:-           Unmounted
  • Type of Cut                   :-            Octagonal Step Mixed
  • Dimension                    :-            12.64*19.19*05.46
  • Optic Character          :-             DR-Uniaxial
  • Refractive Index         :-             1.762-1.770
  • Specific Gravity          :-              N.A
  • Fluorescence               :-              Orange
  • Magnification              :-              Liquid Fingerprints
  • Treatments                  :-               No Indication of Heat Present(NTE)

Effects and Benefits of the Yellow Sapphire:-

  • The wearer of yellow sapphire gets the knowledge of law, ethics, wit, wisdom, pleasure of getting issues, worldly happiness, Para physical bliss, physical power, cleverness, long life, good health, food grains, prosperity glory and mental peace.
  • The Yellow pukhraj is also associated with fertility and good marriage.
  • It is the most beneficial to the authors, writers, barristers, traders and businessmen.
  • It's supposed to be beneficial for unmarried women and men who are looking for stability in future marriages, and also for married couples for peace and reduction in marital conflicts.
  • In terms of ailments, the yellow sapphire, in touch with the wearer's skin has numerous effects in eradicating throat and thyroid problems.
  • The yellow sapphire gemstone, upon being bought and chiseled, might also carry negative energies, so the ring or stone can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight.

How to Identify a Real Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:-

  • A real Yellow Sapphire Gems is one of the hardest known minerals.
  • It can't be scratched, even by steel and can be scraped only by diamond.
  • It won't show any colour changes if placed in milk for nearly a day.

Properties of Yellow Sapphire Gemstones:-

  • Planet                 :-          Jupiter
  • Indian Name     :-          Pukhraj
  • Sanskrit Names:-          Pusparaga, Pushyarag, Puspa-Raja.
  • Chakra                :-          Vishuddha
  • Cosmic Color    :-          Light Blue
  • Hardness           :-          9 (Mohs scale)

Care for your Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:-

The yellow sapphire Stone is very hard, and should be cleaned with warm detergent water and a soft brush.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstones:-

• Only a Gem expert or a Chakra practitioner can guide you about the proper gemstone to wear and the wearing method. When worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy where the Gem is set with Bhasma and metal, it gives only beneficial results to the wearer.
• Mantra :-  "Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha"
• Best Day for wearing :-  Thursday
• Best Time for wearing :-  Pushya Nakshatra; Shukla Paksha.

Source of Availability:-

Yellow sapphires are most famously found in Srilanka, Madagascar and Tanzania and also in India and Russia. The largest supplies of Sapphires now comes from Ceylone in Srilanka.

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